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what do we mean by "technology turnaround?"

OK, you say. What do you mean 'Technology Turnaround'?I've got servers crashing, unhappy business users, a project that just can't seem to get finished. My Information Technology group is the Rodney Dangerfield of the company - they "just can't get no respect." I've spent good money on hardware, software and people, but things aren't getting done fast enough or well enough.

What you'd really like to see is satisfied users, stable systems, completed projects, quality results.

It seems easy on the surface - after all, hasn't information technology advanced a thousand-fold in just a few short years? You're able to buy more with less; the latest systems run faster; the current applications have more features. Why doesn't it all work the way I want it to?

Well, you're not alone. We've helped other companies with these same issues by focusing on the management issues that surround today's information technology. We like to say that technology issues are maybe 15% of the challenge, while management issues are the other 85%. Sure, technology can be a bear, but problems hiding behind a technology front are often amenable to managed solutions.

That's where we come in.

By bringing the business to Information technology, we can bring value to the businessSM. Too often, the information technology groups see technology as their solution when, in fact, it's only a tool by which we can bring real business value. In the rush to implement new technology, IT sometimes forgets that managing the technology and its application is just as important.

We can help you as we've helped others.

We believe that a phased approach is the best way for you to receive value. At each step of the way, you have the opportunity to evaluate where you are and set the direction for future phases.

Our process follows the approach:

a Assessment
b Target Definition
c Business Support
d Implementation
e Information/Technology Transfer
f Follow-Up/Resolution.

You participate at every step so that you know what's happening, you can make sure we're moving in the direction you want us to move, and you learn from the process.

We've been satisfying customers like you since 1979.

Call us today and find out how we can give IT the business and get your business moving forward.

For specific service offerings, visit our Services Page.

For Results we've produced visit our Project Page.

Sometimes we're not the right company for the job - if that's the case, we'll tell you. We've turned down assignments in the past where there wasn't the right 'fit' for our particular skills and experience.

Sometimes technology isn't the right solution for the problem - if that's the case, we'll tell you. We've helped companies address business processes without technology changes when that was the right approach.


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