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2003/10/23 - EDP Consulting and Primary Matters Establish Partnership


CONTACT: Jon E. Seidel
EDP Consulting, Inc.
Phone: +1-510-530-6314
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Website: http://www.edpci.com

CONTACT: Mary Jo Kulp
Phone: +1-707-833-1564
Email: maryjo.kulp@primarymatters.com
Website: http://www.primarymatters.com

IT Decisions Based on Detailed Business Analytics

Oakland, CA/Tiburon, CA October 23, 2003 - EDP Consulting, Inc., a leading provider of IT Professional Services, and Primary Matters, a software and services company providing Planning and Business Analytics, have announced a Partnership. EDP Consulting, Inc. and Primary Matters offer complimentary products and services that will provide significant benefits to customers of both companies. Pairing Primary Matters’ planning and decision support software with EDP Consulting’s extensive experience in IT Project Assessment and Strategic Information Technology Planning will enable both companies to address the ever growing need to justify IT expenditures and successfully manage complex IT implementations.

Primary Matters’ proprietary tool, The Primary Matters Guide™, provides activity-based decision support that enables executives and managers to evaluate an existing (or proposed) organization’s current performance and plan for future growth and change. Its modeling environment requires simple data entry – contact type, volume, workflow, staffing levels, technology deployed, projected growth – and produces a wealth of management information. The Guide informs managers of the underlying economics that drive the performance of their organization. It enables them to test assumptions and proposed initiatives before the actual outlay of time, talent or money. Ultimately, it helps direct them towards projects and activities that yield the highest payback for their investments.

“Work that used to take months - such as recasting operating budgets based on new assumptions and reflecting credible ROI analysis for multiple projects - can now be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks,” reports Jon Seidel, CEO of EDP Consulting. “As a result, we will be able to fully test assumptions and sensitivities and arrive at recommendations with detailed business analytics to support them, thus freeing us to assist our clients with solution selection and successful project implementation. We have been searching for a tool that will enable us to standardize our approach to activity- based assessment of IT initiatives, and we have found it in The Guide.”

Greg Borton, CEO of Primary Matters announced: “We are extremely pleased to engage in this partnership with EDP Consulting. Our goal has been to align ourselves with industry leading IT services providers so that we may offer their services and support to our client base. EDP Consulting has long been regarded as a ‘best in class’ provider of both strategic and tactical IT services, and we look forward to a very successful partnership.”

About Primary Matters, Inc.
Primary Matters, Inc. provides software products and services that support business impact analysis that enable improved planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide™ is activity based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals, such as IT initiatives, are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. For more information, contact Mary Jo Kulp at 415-789-1082.

About EDP Consulting
EDP Consulting, Incorporated is an independent consultancy founded in 1979. The firm concentrates on the productive application of computer technology to business, and melding information technology with business and organizational needs. In practice, that ranges from managing development projects, to analyzing and recommending scalable business and process solutions, to developing strategic automation plans. Recent assignments include acting VP of Software Development, acting IT Director/CIO, and mentoring CIO's and technical leaders.

The company has worked with such diverse clientele as: Bank of America, UCSF, Centura Software Corporation, Concentric Networks, Charles Schwab, TRW, and the California Lottery. Providing usable information for management decision-making purposes is a specialty of the firm. For more information, visit EDP Consulting’s Web site www.edpci.com or contact Jon Seidel at 510-530-6314.



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