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2003/03/17 - Jon Seidel selected as keynote speaker.


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Jon Seidel will be the closing keynote speaker for the ICCA's annual conference

Oakland, CA. 3/17/2003 - The Independent Computer Consultant's Association (ICCA), a professional association representing computer consultants, today selected Jon Seidel, President of EDP Consulting, Inc. to be the closing keynote speaker at their 2003 Annual Convention, to be held in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Seidel's presentation, "It's Not the Technology, Dude", will focus on the "soft" aspects of computer consulting -- such as people, process, and politics -- which are the hard ones to get right. Studies repeatedly show that it's not the technology itself that causes project failures; it's the integration of technology with the rest of the business that causes the real headaches.

The speech will also examine some recent trends in the industry, such as overseas outsourcing, and consider the impact this could have on consultants. Suggestions for addressing these issues will also be advanced.

About the Independent Computer Consultant's Association
Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA) is a national not-for-profit association, founded in 1976 with headquarters in St. Louis. ICCA provides professional development opportunities and business support programs for independent computer consultants. ICCA has chapters in many major metropolitan areas representing nearly 1500 consulting firms nationwide.

Members of the ICCA abide by a Code of Ethics and adhere to the Standards and Practices of ICCA. Members are computer and software experts who have practical experience with the industry’s rapidly changing technology.

About EDP Consulting
EDP Consulting, Incorporated is an independent consultancy founded in 1979. The firm concentrates on the productive application of computer technology to solve real business problems, melding information technology with business needs. In practice, that ranges from managing development projects, to analyzing and recommending scalable business/process solutions, to developing strategic automation plans. Recent assignments include acting VP of Software Development, acting IT Director/CIO, and mentoring CIO's and technical leaders.

The company has worked with such diverse clientele as: Bank of America, UCSF, Centura Software Corporation, Concentric Networks, Charles Schwab, TRW, and the California Lottery. Project and organizational turn-arounds are a specialty of the firm.



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