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Marc Y. Kriguer

4321 Webster St.
Oakland, CA 94609

Contact Marc at: m a r c DOT k r i g u e r AT g m a i l DOT c o m

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Marc is a senior software engineer with over fifteen years of experience creating software development tools and open-source products. Marc specializes in C/C++ and Java development. He especially likes creating software that makes it easier for other people to get their work done. He is a graduate of UCLA and Cal Berkeley. While pursuing his bachelor's degree at UCLA, he was Captain of the UCLA programming team, competing in the ACM National Competitions. He is also the co-author of the Instructor's Manual for Advanced Programming Design and Structure Using Pascal, and OASIS: An Open Architecture Scientific Information System (RIDE-NDS, 1996).


Directed the development of the "Integration Server: Secure Trading Agent" and "Java Business Integration (JSR-208)", which was released as an open-source product..

Designed and implementation the Metadata layer interfaces between the GUI and underlying TOOL/C++ code for an application development framework.

Designed and implemented tabular and graphical data displays for a real-time performance analysis tool.

Developed and maintained a document markup language to generate out in multiple output formats, including: unix man; HTML, FrameMaker, and a proprietary format.

Awards & Recognition

Schlumberger Fellowship, 1990

California Microelectronics Fellowship, 1989-1990

Member, Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society)

Captain, UCLA Programming TEam (ACM National Competition), 1986-87


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